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Meditation "Twin Hearts" as taught by Master

Choa Kok Sui , weekly guided meditation

"The meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the most

powerful meditation tools for spiritual development.

It is a true gift from the Great Ones"MCKS

The event is free donations are welcome

Pranic healing  - private session one on one 


                            -Distant healing 
                             Convenient anywhere

Group healing

Please contact us for session details and availability.



Past life regressions  

Astrology readings:

Natal chart analysis based on your time, date and place  of birth

​Natal Chart and transits ,Solar return, progressions, 

Synastry and Midpoint Composite to assess compatibility, intimacy

and purpose for two people

First session                

Classes :

Introduction to pranic healing

Introduction to astrology basic astrology

Learn to read a natal chart

Advanced astrology